Successful Energization of 500kV Lao Cai Substation and 220kV Connecting Lines

Source: MOIT

Last 6 August, Power Transmission Company No.1 (PTC1), in collaboration with related authorities and contractors, has successfully completed the energization of 550kV Lao Cai Substation and connecting lines.

A critical national power infrastructure, the VND 1,500BN project spans an area of 178,350 m2 in Lao Cai province. The scope of this project covers the construction and installation of a new 500/220/35kV substation with capacity of 2 x 900MVA (of which 01 transformer is installed in phase 1) as well as connecting lines to 220kV Bao Thang – Yen Bai.

The integrated protection & control system of 500kV Lao Cai substation applies ATS’s Substation Automation Solution @Station®, with ATS being responsible for providing the completed secondary system, communication & SCADA and services related techniques for the said project.

Once in operation, the new 500kV substation is expected to play a major role in ensuring power stability for Lao Cai province as well as improving connection of the regional power systems to the national power grid, improving operation reliability, stability and security for the national power system.

Overview of 500kV Lao Cai Substation site (Source: EVN)

500kV Lao Cai Substation swithyard

500kV Lao Cai Substation control room

SEL IEDs-integrated control & protection panel system supplied by ATS

Testing and commissioning of 500kV substation control & protection system

500kV substation control & protection system in operation

ATS Engineers at 500kV Lao Cai Substation site