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Smart Wide-Area Monitoring System with Synchrophasor for collection, processing and display of synchrophasor data.

SmartWAMSTM performs the collection, processing and display of synchrophasor data on the basis of Phasor Measurement Unit technology to reliably and timely monitor large-scaled power systems with fast data update time.


SmartWAMS™ system is designed to comply with world standards (eg. IEEE, IEC) and is compatible with all requirements for operating power system in Vietnam. The system can be used independently with SCADA/EMS system and simultaneously supports SCADA/EMS systems for real-time/on-line monitoring and operation as well as calculation and post-operation analysis of power system.


Fast Sampling


Big Data Archival

& Storage

Support Standard Connection

& Communication Protocol

Feature & Function Highlights

  • Connection & collection of SynchroPhasor Data in real time with a sampling cycle of up to 30 samples per second
  • Process and display of the Wide Area Data of power system such as: f, U, δ, P, Q, etc.
  • Big data archived and stored in multiple databases such as PI, SQL, Oracle, etc.
  • Interact with application systems such as SCADA/EMS, PSS E software, DigSILENT, etc.
  • Support standard connection protocols such as: IEEE C37.118, IEEE 1344-1995, Gateway Stream, SEL Fast Messaging, etc.
  • Support standard communication protocols such as TCP (IPv4 and IPv6), UDP (IPv4 and IPv6), Serial

Comparison Chart

  • Enhance system situational awareness by displaying and alerting with real-time data of the system operation status:
    • Frequency (f) and rate of change of frequency (df/dt);
    • Voltage & current (Magnitude & Angle);
    • Angle difference (Dd);
    • Power flow (MW, MVA);
    • Voltage & angle sensitivities (dV/dP, dV/dQ, dd/dP)
  • Increase observability, speed, and improve accuracy of state estimation (SE). The SE model can use PMU data or by combining PMU and SCADA data.
  • Calculate stability margin (steady state & voltage stability, etc.) and alert:
    • Load capacity of the grid based on phase angle difference;
    • Frequency stability based on frequency observation in different areas;
    • System stability based on rate of change of the parameters (voltage, frequency);
    • Voltage stability based on voltage magnitude and reactive power reserve;
    • System stability based on sensitivities (dV/dQ)
  • Provide data for optimal power flow calculation (OPF), voltage and reactive power regulation
  • Calculate power transmission limit and capacity of transmission lines with third-party software such as PSS/E, DigSILENT, Quick Stab, etc.
  • Detect and localize events occurred on the grid which may have significant impact on operation of power system
  • Early detection of power fluctuation on power system
  • And other off-line applications based on SmartHISTM database.

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