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Integrated Protection and Control System Solution for MicroGrid.

Our MicroGrid Control Solution provides monitoring, control, and automaton functions in a flexible system structure for ease of operation. The MicroGrid control software system has been modularly designed; its individual modules are specifically developed and tailor-made for the specific needs of each MicroGrid project.


Our system incorporates the latest technology in the field of Microgrid system to provide our users with innovative solutions to their requirements. Our system complies with all current de jure and de facto industrial standards for open system; such compliancy allows for communication between the control system and other devices and systems from other vendors.


Our MicroGrid control solution is an integrated system comprised of the following components:

  • Centralized Microgrid control system with visualization and energy management system
  • Coordinated protection system
  • Metering, power quality monitoring and measurement system
  • Communication Infrastructure
  • Engineering tools for configuration and system maintenance


Flexible &




Industry Standards


Capable of


Feature Highlights

  • Adherence to standards: software and hardware adhere to standards broadly used in the industry, especially ANSI/IEEE, ISO and IEC, making it possible for clients to subsequently use equipment from other sources and to avoid vendor-dependency.
  • Availability: the system meets availability criteria of 99.95%, no single point of failure, and dedicated
    backup of critical software and hardware functions.
  • Expansion capability: allow adding new functions without need of significant system or program changes.
  • Open distributed design: the overall design of the system is distributed and open, in term of off-the-shelf hardware and software, to allow the addition of additional processors and software without entailing the replacement of the existing components.
  • Scalability: the system is scalable, i.e., the same basic architecture can support for project of varying sizes and can be upgraded to support growth in the power system & functionality.
  • Performance: The system shall support all functions required by Client specification
  • Overall accuracy: The overall error rate of the processed information is in compliance with requirement. The analogue values are better than 0.5% at IED, Multifunction Meters and Revenue Meters.

Function Highlights

  • Can operate to support several objective functions: including maximize energy self-sufficiency, minimize number or hours of existing diesel generator operation of utility, increase reliability, power quality and peak reduction, reduce power losses in distribution line, or Volt/Var control.
  • Can give weights or priority to avoid conflict between different objective functions. High priority objective function always has presidencies over lower priority objective function.
  • Can communicate with the existing diesel generator controller, charge controller, PCS controller, battery management system,
    floating solar and weather station.
  • Support forecast on loads and generations functions, and collect weather forecast data from agency.
  • Microgrid control system and all components in the system are synchronized by GPS time synchronization system.
  • Support to perform fault location, isolation and service restoration

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