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Solution package for the Monitoring (Wind SCADA) and Control (PPC) of Wind Power Plants to ensure operational stability and reliability for the plants.

Our Wind SCADA & PPC System offers full data acquisition, control and monitoring functions on the entire wind parks as well as on individual turbines. The control and supervision can be performed remotely from a computer in the control room of the wind park or integrated in the control system of the related substation. With this system, all necessary information concerning process behaviour, instrument and integrity controller, sequential control and alarm function shall be immediately available at the operation consoles.


The system supports both national and international grid codes, thus enabling grid-compliant feed-in from wind systems at high-voltage levels worldwide. The high-performance system provides a wide range of features for active and reactive power control, which guarantees grid stability – in fact manufacturer independent.


The system features modularity and scalability, which allows for customized plant control and provides the flexibility needed to meet the needs of the high diversity of grid connection requirements. The Human-Machine Interface (HMI) visualizes all measured values locally and in real time, and allows for technical operation management of wind power plants on site.


In order to ensure operational reliability for the plant, the SCADA system also is built with high availability by using a single-fault-tolerant design for the centralized components and important devices and redundant configuration.


Flexible Platform for

Customized Configuration



Compliance with National &

International Grid Codes

Commissioning &

Maintenance Cost Reduction

Feature Highlights

  • Provide full features of Wind SCADA system for data acquisition, monitoring and control of wind plant in accordance with national and international grid codes.
  • Modular, scalable architecture and manufacturer independent, suitable for controlling Wind Power Plant with wind turbines from different vendors.
  • De facto Historical Information System (HIS) in popular use world-wide
  • Multi-protocol speaking: Modbus Serial/TCP, IEC61850, SEL FastMessage, DNP3, IEC 62056/IEC61107, IEC-60870-5-104, etc. (can be extended upon users’ requests).
  • System sizing support over 2000 IEDs, controllers and monitors; can handle up to 256,000 datapoints.
  • User-friendly graphic interface allowing operators to perform their tasks with minimal computer knowledge and reducing”start-up” time.
  • Ready for future utility interface bus integration.

Key Client Benefits

  • Compliance with national and international grid codes.
  • High flexibility in system design in accordance with wind system technology.
  • Ability to connect with and control Wind Turbine Generators (WTG) from various vendors such as Vestas, GE Energy, Siemens, Suzlon, etc.
  • Optimization of commissioning and maintenance costs for the plants.
  • Availability of Wind Power Generation forecast data.

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