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Load Forecasting Software

SmartLFTM is a load forecasting software based on neural networks.

Function & Feature Highlights

  • Short-term and long-term load forecast
  • Forecasting simultaneously with multi point of load (unlimited)
  • Scheduled forecasting


Renewable Energy Generation Forecasting Software

SmartRGFTM ­­is an AI-powered SaaS Solutions that makes use of Machine Learning/AI and Deep Learning Model to provide accurate renewable energy forecasting. We offer energy forecasting for individual PV power plants or distributed solar power systems, for a single solar parks, areas or countries.

Function & Feature Highlights

  • Hour-ahead forecasting
  • Day-ahead forecasting
  • Week-ahead forecasting
  • Custom modeling and development
  • Highest Accuracy
  • Support multiple format types as xml, csv, sql or support multiple data sources including but not limited to mysql, cloud sql, bigquery, and more.
  • SCADA interfaces

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