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What we are all about

ATS is founded on the mission of providing an intellectual playground for talented engineers and scholars. Inspired by the insight, passion and belief of ATS leadership, our talented and committed team is driven by our urge for innovation, our desire for elegant technological solutions, and our vision of a better and more reliably operated power system.




ATS is committed to the perpetual growth of our employees. Each individual member is supported by a seasoned team of experts, who share their valuable experiences and derive synergy from the close collaboration of teamwork.


At ATS you will have access to state-of-the-art tools, contact with leading experts in the field, and limitless opportunities to try your hands at new technology and international projects. With us there’s no boundary.


Our works contribute to realizing a safe and secure social infrastructure, and with us your works can create real impact too. Believe us, it’s highly rewarding to know that what you do can contribute to the betterment of our societies!


We offer excellent benefits and perks including health care, and the chance to be part of a tightly knit community that supports you professionally and personally.




If you are as excited by the challenges and values that ATS offers as we are, you are well ready for your first step towards joining the ATS Team.  We invite you to take a closer look at our Job Openings and explore your professional option here with us!


If there are no currently listed openings that match your talent, yet you believe yourself to be a perfect fit to our talented and innovation-driven group, do contact us today for opportunities.