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Comprehensive Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System, Managed on Real-time Basis.

@SCADA+® is a complete system with a highly flexible platform, capable of various configuration options to suit the scope and specification of each project. Its flexibility and compatibility with a wide range of devices guarantees users a full and functional solution meeting the latest standard requirements and future expansion needs.


Flexible Platform

for Customized Configuration



Economical Solution for

Large-Scale Applications

Function & Feature Highlights

  • Full features of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system for transmission and distribution.
  • Truly open system architecture through the use of standard hardware and software:
    • Intel-based hardware
    • Identical and interchangeable versions which run on Windows Server
    • Relational Database using standard procedures such as OCBC and SQL for remote access
    • De facto Historical Information System (HIS) in popular use world-wide
    • Standard local networks, such as FDDI (Fibre Distributed Data Interface) and Ethernet, supporting TCP/IP protocol
    • User-friendly human-machine interface based on Microsoft Windows and SmartHMI Studio
    • Multi-communication link: Leased line, Satellite, GSM/GPRS,Corporate WAN, Public Internet/ADSL
    • Multi-protocol speaking: IEC-60870-5-101/104, IEC-61850,ICCP/Tase2/IEC60870-6, DNP 3.0, Modbus, RP570/571 (can be extended upon users’ requests)
  • IEC-61970/IEC-61968 (CIM) model ready for advanced applications
  • Unlimited amount of handled data points
  • Modular and scalable architecture with off-the-shelf components
  • Web-Service interfaces for data building and system configuration
  • Access Security in compliance with Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) issued by NERC.
  • Distribution of the tasks among several servers and workstations using extremely modular client-server architecture. (This philosophy allows allocating specific tasks to different processors depending of the size and complexity of each specific implementation, thus reducing the amount of information traffic over the network and improving the system’s overall performance. For critical functions that require high availability, the processors maybe duplicated using hot-standby configurations.)
  • A user-friendly graphic interface allowing operators to perform their tasks with minimal computer knowledge and reducing“start-up” time
  • Ready for future utility interface bus integration
  • 24/7 maintenance service

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