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Integrated Control and Protection System designed for the operation of transmission and distribution substations

@Station® is a solution that integrates all monitoring, control, and automation functions in a flexible system structure for ease of operation. Its individual modules are specifically designed and tailor-made for each project. The system incorporates the latest technology in the field of substation automation to provide its users with innovative solutions to their requirements.


@Station® complies with all current de jure and de facto industrial standards for open system. Such compliance allows for communication between @Station® and other devices and systems from other vendors. The system is fully certified to international standards:

  • IEC 61850 Certificate Level A
  • IEC 60870-5-101 Master/Slave Certificate Level A
  • IEC 60870-5-104 Master/Slave Certificate Level A


Modular and Scalable

Hardware and Software


Graphic Interface

IT Security for

Critical Infrastructure

Flexible Project Engineering

for Automation

Feature Highlights

  • Integrated solution to substation automation
  • Fully compliance with international standards
  • Flexible, modular and open structure
  • Enables integration of protection systems
  • Compatible with current international standards: IEC61850, IEC60870-5-101/102/103/104, UCA2, DNP LAN/WAN, Modbus, RP570/571, etc.
  • Operated at high level of reliability and security
  • User-friendly graphic interface
  • Capable of expansion and upgrade; number of data points unlimited
  • Programmable in accordance with IEC 61131-3
  • Script languages support C#, Lua
  • 24/7 maintenance services

Function Highlights

  • Flexible configuration, seamless and scalable
  • Monitoring of alarms, switchgear status, and measurement parameters for various voltage levels
  • Control of switchgears at bay or substation levels as well as from remote control centre with high level of security
  • Checking of device control logic at bay and substation levels
  • Checking of synchronization conditions before breaker tripping
  • Ease of substation monitoring and control through user-friendly interface
  • Storing of a full and complete historical database on all system events
  • Substation Sequence of Event
  • Data collection from all kind of IEDs including: Protection Relays, BCUs, Tariff Meters, Multi-meter, etc.
  • Substation Fault Analysis
  • Web-enabled design
  • Tap position monitoring
  • Online configuration
  • Addition of new functions and features allowed

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