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Solution package for Fault Recording and Power Quality Management.

SmartPQFRTM is a system that performs automatic collection, processing, and storing of power system data and records in normal operation conditions as well as fault & disturbance conditions. The system also provides reasons for equipment failure, oscillographic waveforms, status of equipment behaviour and other necessary information for power system analysis.


The detailed information of the power system displayed will enable operators to take corrective action necessary for given system issues and to analyse the quality of the power system to improve performance and reliability of any generation, transmission, and distribution systems.


The system provides all salient information on the power system to assist operators in isolation to determine failure cause and to process recovery, thus ensures the continuous operation of the power system.


Our solution complies with international standards of IEC, IEEE/ANSI as well as national standards and regulations of Vietnam Government and Electricity of Vietnam (EVN).


Flexible &


Multi-Protocol & Format


Industry Standards


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Function & Feature Highlights

  • Fully satisfy all requirements to facilitate analysis of disturbances and power quality of the power system as well as generation, transmission and distribution system assets.
  • Perform automatic collection, archiving and processing of Sequence of Events (SOE), fault records, disturbance records, power quality records, phasor measuring data. Also communicates with Fault Recorder system (FRs), Wide-area Monitoring system (WAMs), Power Quality monitoring system (PQs) at Load Dispatching Centres.
  • Accurately time-stamps SOE, FR and DDR data, which can then be easily time-synchronized by users.
  • A compact, economical system that comprises all equipment necessary to fully meet all of EVN requirements. These systems are designed to operate in harsh substation environments.
  • Manage IEDs and records in hierarchy.
  • Comply with international standards including: IEC, NERC, IEEE, etc.
  • Support fault record and disturbance record acquisition protocol such as IEC61850-8-1 File Services, FTP, Telnet, proprietary protocol, etc.
  • Support latest version of C37.111 (COMTRADE), IEEE C37.118, and PQDIF file format.
  • Support more than 1000 IEDs

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