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Monitoring & Control Device

Distributed Energy Resource Monitoring & Control device for reliable connection, monitoring and grid-compatible power control of distributed energy resources, including Rooftop Solar Power Farms

SmartDER not only provides the ability to connect various devices at field by standard protocols but also works as data exchange interface between plant and Dispatch Centers, to connect and share data with dispatch centers and customer’s office through secure connection channel (Internet/3G/4G VPN). The integrated PPC function can perform on-site power plant control of roof-top solar PV in particular and distributed energy sources in general, ensures that the power plant runs efficiently and helps stabilize the utility grid.

SmartDER can be deployed at distribution generation unit of any size which needs to be managed and controlled remotely from Dispatch Centers.

Feature Highlights

  • – Compatible with various connection standards and a variety of DER devices from different manufacturers: inverter, datalogger, power meters, weather station, etc.
  • – PPC function complies with national and international grid codes
  • – Optimized hardware and software in design and manufacturing
  • – Ease of use: facilitates integration, expansion and adjustment of system to suit customers’ needs
  • – Supports various types of connections: 02 Ethernet port, 02 Serial ports (RS232/RS485)
  • – Supports standard protocol: Stability-proven ATS SmartIO™ software program that supports various channel types (Modbus, IEC101, IEC104, DNP, etc) and is certified by DNV-GL
  • – Supports device management feature: checking usage data, ac- count status, signal strength, modem status, etc.
  • – Meets industry standards for electromagnetic environment, temperature, humidity, smoke, dust, etc.

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