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We Provide Smart Solutions

We provides a wide-range portfolio of Power Transmission and Distribution Applications, being a system integrator and provider of solutions, systems and products.

We offer end-to-end service package encompassing consulting, engineering, EPC contract execution, operation and maintenance as well as offering professional support to our client in dealing and negotiation with relevant Government authorities and Vietnam Electricity (EVN). ATS is also the distributor of SEL and RFL in Vietnam.



Solutions & Systems




Software Research &

Hardware Design &

Manufacturing, Integration
& Testing

Installation, Commissioning
and Handing-over Services

Maintenance and Upgrade

Project Management

Consulting and System Study



Solutions & Systems

1. Substation Control & Protection

@Station®: Integrated Substation Control & Protection System

2. SCADA/Monitoring

@SCADA+®: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System

3. Solar Plant Control & Monitoring

Power Plant Controller (PPC) and Monitoring (PV SCADA) for Solar Power Plants

4. Fault Locating System

SmartAFL: Automatic Fault Locating System

5. Fault Recorder & Power Quality Mgmt

SmartPQFR: Fault Recorder and Power Quality Management

6. Metering Information System

@IMIS: Integrated Metering Information System

7. MicroGrid Controller

@MicroGrid: MicroGrid Controller System

8. Operation Control Centre

@OCC: Operation Control Centre System

9. Wide-Area Monitoring System

SmartWAMS: Wide-Area Monitoring System with Synchrophasor


1. Data Acquisition

SmartFR: Fault Acquisition, Analysis and Display
SmartICCP: Inter-Control Centre Communication
SmartIO: Data I/O Connection

2. Data Server

SmartCIM: Power System CIM-based Modeling
SmartHIS: Smart Historical Information System
SmartServer: Real-time Data Processing

3. Display & Interface

SmartHMI Studio: HMI Builder and Viewer Software
SmartGIS: Power Grid System Visualization Software
SmartPortal: Real-time Portal Website

4. Diagnosis

SmartDGA: Transformer Dissolved Gas Analysis Software
SmartFD: Fault Diagnosis Software

5. Forecasting

SmartLF: Smart Load Forecasting Software for RE
SmartRGF: Renewable Energy Generation Forecasting

6. Management & Control

SmartDAS: Distribution Automation System
SmartDMS: Distribution Management Software
SmartEMS: Smart Energy Management Software
SmartPPC: Power Plant Controller


1. Data Acquisition

SmartModem: 3G/4G Modem

2. Security Gateway

SmartGateway: Unidirectional Security Gateway