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HMI Builder and Viewer Software

SmartHMI StudioTM is a software designed for the development of Human-Machine Interface (HMI) for real-time supervisory control systems used in various industries which require fast responses, management of large amount of data, high level of security, and diverse communication methods.


SmartHMI StudioTM is especially fit for use in the power industry as part of Substation Automation System (SAS), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and Operation Control Centre (OCC).

Function & Feature Highlights

  • Distributed structure capable of large-scaled deployment
  • Functions customizable to meet specific needs
  • SmartHMI Builder Module provides tools for custom-made interface development
  • SmartHMI Viewer Module allows users to run programs while building applications
  • Explorer functions allows for management and configuration of applications in the form of tree diagram
  • SmartControl uses, stores and can re-applies design templates
  • Tag Database window displays all information on application tag for ease of checking and editing
  • Recovery and redundancy capability guarantees smooth and continuous operation


Power Grid System Visualization Software

SmartGISTM (Geographic Information System) Module is a stand-alone application that when integrated with a SCADA/DMS system can provide users with various functional benefits.

Function & Feature Highlights

  • Visually display electrical grid pattern on map
  • Display real-time operation data
  • CIM-based grid topology and asset management
  • Integrate calculation results of Distributed Management System (DMS)
  • Assist with design process, process mapping, planning, fault management and identification
  • Manage workforce and outage


Real-time Portal Website

Realtime PortalTM, a real-time data portal system, is a set of web-applications that provide users with simultaneous access to a large amount of real-time information and historical data.  All of these data are continuously collected, archived, and maintained for operation, planning and maintenance of activities as well as large-scaled applications such as power market operation and GIS.


The system is designed for quick access to data via a highly reliable security mechanism.

Function & Feature Highlights

  • Display operational data in diagram
  • Report
  • Trending and Query
  • Email and SMS notification

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