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Power System CIM-based Modelling Software

SmartCIMTM is a comprehensive CIM-based database for Power System Operation and Management. Unified Modelling Language (UML) and Object-Oriented Model are used to define and simulate power system data. SmartCIMTM provides CIM-Interface tools that help users to access, edit, update and exploit data quickly and easily.

Function & Feature Highlights

The database is structured in table form with approximately 2,500 data tables and thousands of relationships, classified into three main data packages:

  • IEC-61970 package: manages power system data according to physical structure
  • IEC-61968 package: asset-, payment-, and customer-related data
  • IEC-62325 package: power market-related data

The database an also be customized with more specific data for usage in specific application and power market.


Historical Information System Software

SmartHISTM is a historical database management system allowing users to collect, process, store, manage and retrieve an extremely large data set (Big Data) from the real-time environment, suitable for high-fidelity time-series data from diverse sources. It has multiple interfaces, compatible with many systems of different vendors and can be applied in many industries.

Function & Feature Highlights

  • Historical database using non-SQL database structure to ensure storage rate and ad-hoc query for any array of the large stored data set
  • Lossless Data Compression Algorithm for storage space and data preservation, a unique function of the system
  • Unlimited data storage period, only restricted by capacity of storage hardware device.
  • Standardized interfaces for data access and API


Real-time Data Processing Software

DataServerTM is a real-time data processing software that calculates, processes raw input data and then return calculation results to other software.

Function & Feature Highlights

  • Support function and program declaration, capable of handling all basic mathematical operation in C# Programming Language
  • Support OPC Server, OPC Client connection and direct connection to ATS SmartIOTM

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