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Data transceiver based on mobile data infrastructure to transfer data from terminal devices to server and vice versa.

SmartModem serves the growing needs for wireless data transmission over long distance with high accuracy and reliable security via GSM/GPRS/EDGE/HSPA telecommunications system. The device functions as a data server and facilitates the connection of multiple devices for construction of SCADA/DMS/AMI systems.

Function & Feature Highlights

  • Compatible with various connection standards and a variety of terminal devices: electrical meters, circuit breakers, monitoring equipment, alarms, etc.
  • Optimized hardware and software in design and manufacture
  • Ease of use: facilitates integration, expansion and adjustment of system to suit customers’ needs
  • Support variety types of connections: 01 Ethernet port, 02 Serial ports (RS232/RS485), 02 USB ports (for external devices) and MicroSD card (max 32GB) for external storage
  • Support standard protocol: Stability-proven ATS SmartIO™ software program, that supports many types of channels (Modbus, IEC101, IEC104, DNP, etc.) and is certified by DNV-GL
  • Support modem management feature: checking usage data, account status, signal strength, modem status, etc.
  • Meet industry standards for electromagnetic environment, temperature, humidity, smoke, dust, etc.

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