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Fault Acquisition, Analysis and Display Software

SmartFR is a software that can automatically collect and analyse digital fault recording data in control and protection systems, the results of which is presented to operators.

Function & Feature Highlights
  • Automatically collect digital fault data recorded by BCU relays by various manufacturers including: SEL, ABB, Siemens, Toshiba, Schneider, etc.
  • Archive DFR in a centralized database
  • Serve and Analyze fault recording data
  • Automatically Report and Notify


Inter-Control Centre Communication Software

SmartICCP is an ICCP OPC interface that provides connectivity to any Windows application that supports OPC. SmartICCP TM provides a standardized communication protocol in accordance with IEC60870-6 TASE.2 that supports OPC without any user- defined scripts.

Function & Feature Highlights

SmartICCP is a standardized interface that provides tools to integrate Windows-based OPC applications with a variety of other applications:

  • Data exchange between SCADA/EMS/DMS Control Centers
  • Interface with power plants/stations for dispatching power system
  • Compatible with third-party software and applications that use ICCP Standards


Data I/O Connection Software

SmartIO is a data connection software by standard protocols. SmartIO is capable of collecting data from devices and also being a data source for other systems.

Function & Feature Highlights
  • Support various protocols, including IEC-61850 Client, IEC-101 Master/Slave, IEC-103 Master, IEC-104 Master/Slave, Modbus Master/Slave, OPC Server/Client, Script, etc.
  • Support the ability to convert data between protocols
  • Unlimited number of data channels

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