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Distribution Automation System

SmartDASTM ­ is a fault location, isolation and service restoration system for distribution network. SmartDASTM can help to reduce line loss, maintain power quality, optimize equipment use, extend equipment life, reduce energy cost by real-time monitoring of power, optimize energy use, and enhance system reliability on distribution network.

Function & Feature Highlights

  • Reduce outage duration from hours to minutes through automatic isolation and service restoration, with no violations or further service interruptions
  • Network model is expandable without limitation
  • Adapts to Network Configuration Changes
  • Improve service outage statistics (SAIDI, CAIDI, SAIFI, etc.)
  • Integrate easily with existing sectionalizing switches, reclosers, fault indicators, etc. from various different vendors
  • Support other DMS applications
  • SCADA/DMS interface


Energy Management Software/ Distribution Management Software

SmartEMSTM/SmartDMSTM is an Energy/ Distribution grid management software module that is integrated into the SCADA/EMS/DMS system. The software allows system operators to evaluate and analyse operation status of the power system and provides optimal operation procedures to operate power grid safely, reliably and economically.

Function & Feature Highlights

  • States Estimation function (SE)
  • Load-Flow calculation
  • Contingencies Analysis
  • Short Circuit calculation
  • Optimal Power Flow calculation
  • Optimal Capacitor Placement
  • Tie Open Point Optimization
  • Volt/Var optimization
  • Power Restoration calculation
  • Automatic Feeder Reconfiguration
  • Fault Location and Isolation and Restoration (FLIR)
  • Outage Management System
  • Work Order Management System


Power Plant Controller

SmartPPCTM is an intelligent vendor-independent system for dynamic PV Power Plant control and grid code compliance, customizable to satisfy any grid requirement while ensuring interoperability with plant SCADA systems.


The solution is suitable for controlling PV Power Plant with different in­verter vendors (such as ABB, SMA, Huawei, TMEIC, Sungrow, etc.) for both types of central and string inverters.

Function & Feature Highlights

  • Active Power Control
  • Ramp Rate Control
  • Reactive Power Control
  • Power Factor Control
  • Grid Support Control: Grid frequency support control; Voltage Control; Fault Ride-through capability
  • Power plant start-up/shut-down

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