Successful Energization of 220kV Yen Hung Substation

Last 13th of June, the Northern Power Project Management Board (NPMB), in collaboration with related authorities and parties, has successfully completed the of energization Yen Hung substation and connections.

220kV Yen Hung substation and connections is an important national energy project with a total investment of 482.686 billion VND. Upon completion, the project will help to address the growing load demand of Northern Vietnam region, especially that of Quang Ninh province during the upcoming dry season. In addition, the project will facilitate connections between power systems amongst regions, thus enhancing national power system’s safety and reliability, reducing power loss while increasing operation efficiency of system under the management of the National Power Transmission Corporation (EVNNPT).

As a contractor of the project, ATS provided the completed scope of secondary system for 220kV Yen Hung substation, including a substation automated control & protection system based on OneATS™ platform.

220kV Yen Hung Switchyard

ATS and EVN authories working on system’s testing and acceptance

ATS’s Substation Automation System @StationTM located in control room of 220kV Yen Hung substation

SEL relays-integrated control & protection panels supplied by ATS

ATS Engineers at site

More information on the project: