[Project Showcase] Loc Ninh 1-2-3 Solar Power Plants (550MWp)

As one of the largest renewable energy projects in ASEAN region to date, Loc Ninh 1-2-3 Solar Plants, managed by Super Energy Corporation (Thailand), cover an area of over 660 hectares. With a total capacity of 550MWp, the plants can supply up to 881,668 MWh annually to Vietnam’s national power grid.

  • To optimize the operation efficiency and reliability of such a large-scale project, Loc Ninh 1-2-3 Power Plants apply ATS’s comprehensive solutions for the monitoring, control, and protection for the entire facility, including:
    Substation Automation System @Station®
  • Solar Power Plant Control & Monitoring and Generation Forecast (PV SCADA & PPC)
  • Centralized Operations Control Centre @OCC™

ATS’s scope for the project covered an end-to-end package from design, supply, installation, testing, training to relevant services required for COD-related procedures and operations, all completed within a tight timeline.