Successful FAT Testing of @OCC™ for Substation Operation and Management Control Center, Hanoi High Voltage Grid Company

On 09-10 January 2023, as part of the “Development of Substation Operation and Management Control Centre at Hanoi High Voltage Grid Company” project, the Operation Control Centre (OCC) system for Hanoi 220/110 kV Grid, developed and provided by ATS JSC, has successfully undergone Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) under the supervision of representatives from Hanoi Power Corporation.

The Centralized Operation Control Centre @OCC™ designed for Hanoi 220/110kV Grid provides a comprehensive High Voltage Grid Asset Operation and Management system including performance analysis, maintenance prediction and planning, switching order management, DFR access and after-fault analysis, data exchange with Network Dispatching Center and so on.

The @OCC™ solution was developed by ATS to address prevailing issues experienced by industrial clients in managing various assets and projects of different scale and diverse technology, scattered in various geographical locations. Owners therefore face the challenge of collecting, managing, and storing large amount of data continuously generated throughout the operation of each individual plants, of putting these data into effective use for decision-making, and of maintaining a comprehensive view and control of their various systems.  Resolving these issues, @OCC™ provides operators and owners with a holistic picture of the operating status of their plants, allowing for full monitoring and control of their facilities in a centralized and efficient manner. Consequently, the solution can assist to improve system reliability, reduce resource requirement while optimizing operation and maintenance costs, etc.

ATS’s centralized control solution has been deployed with its effectiveness demonstrated in various project in Vietnam, including that of Da Nhim-Ham Thuan-Da Mi Power Compay, Power Construction Consultant Joint Stock Company 2 (PECC2), and at various load dispatch centres of Electricity of Vietnam. Following successful FAT, the system is now ready for the next stage of this innovative project by Electricity of Vietnam for enhancement of operation efficiency and reliablity of Vietnam’s power system.