@OCC™ System Ready for Operation at Hanoi High Voltage Grid Company’s Control Centre

In January 2024, as part of the “Development of Substation Operation and Management Control Centre at Hanoi High Voltage Grid Company” project, the Operation Control Centre (OCC) system for Hanoi 220/110kV Grid, developed and provided by ATS JSC, has successfully undergone testing and commissioning under the supervision of representatives from Hanoi Power Corporation, and is now ready for deployment in Hanoi High Voltage Grid Company’s Control Centre. Once operational, the system will assist Hanoi High Voltage Grid Company (HVGC) in digitalizing their power grid and substations as well as facilitating their unmanned substation program.

The Centralized Operation Control Centre @OCC™ solution will provide a comprehensive picture of the operational status of 08 operational teams under Hanoi HVGC’s management, with smart functions such as:

✔️ Real-time centralized monitoring ability: Data regarding substations scattered in different areas is updated in real-time at the Operation Control Centre

✔️ Smart data application: Accurate and detailed real-time & historical data of equipments on the grid and at substations is collected, stored and analyzed to support decision-making process

✔️ System connectivity: Ability for integration with other systems allows for smooth information exchange and process optimization

✔️ User-friendly interface: User-friendly interface faciliates operational ease for both managers and operating engineers

✔️ Power system reliability enhancement: The monitoring system helps warn and prevent issues before they become serious, thereby minimizing power outages and costs incurred.

Altogether, the @OCC™ system will improve system reliability, reduce resource requirement while optimizing operation and maintenance costs, etc.

The completion of the Substation Operation and Management Control Centre project is not only an important step in the process of modernizing Hanoi’s  power system but also aids in the enhancement of power supply safety and reliability in the city via the use of smart and innovative technology.

Hanoi High Voltage Grid Company’s Operation Centre

System testing supervised by representatives from EVNHanoi

ATS Engineers at the new Operation Control Centre