ATS – Takaoka Toko: Celebrating 2 Years of Partnership

17 July 2019 marked an important milestone in ATS’s journey of growth, the date in which the strategic partnership between ATS and Takaoka Toko (TKTK) – an affiliates of Japan’s leading electric power group TEPCO – was officialized.  The Strategic Partnership Signing Ceremony held on that date was honored with the participation of representatives from various Vietnamese governmental authorities as well as our many international and local partners.

With two years of collaboration down the road, ATS and TKTK has been working closely together in bringing our innovative solutions for digital transformation of power system to international market.  Our joint efforts has since brought about several international-graded projects successfully deployed and completed, satisfying the stringent technical requirements of clients such as TEPCO.

To celebrate ATS and TKTK’s two years of work together and our continuing journey to realize our joint vision, let’s look back at the past journey that has brought ATS and TKTK together, starting 2018.