2021 CSR Activities in Review – A Year of Connection

ATS chia sẻ yêu thương

2021 has been an usual year full of changes and the unexpected. Nevertheless, what has remained unchanged at ATS is our commitment to social and sustainable CSR activities at our local communities. To ATS, the aim to better the life of our society has always been one of our core values, guiding our growth and development.

Looking back at a 2021 full of ups and downs due to the pandemic, our achievement has not solely been the various recognition accorded to our products and services by our clients and partners, but ATS is especially proud of all our team members, who have continuously dedicated their effort to the assistance of our community and those in needs. We understand how fortunate and privileged we have been to still be able to assist the national effort in overcoming the effect of the pandemic. Throughout 2021, ATS and our team members have volunteered, donated, and taken part in various programs bringing food and basic necessities to those in needs, contributing to the National COVID-19 Vaccine Fund, supplying medical equipment to front-line doctors, and organizing relief activities for affected children at the community where we live and work.

To ATS, connection – to our people, our partners, our community – has always been the key for our growth. We may not know when this pandemic will stop, but we can be certain that ATS’s connection and commitment to our community will not just end here.